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We exist since 2013 and we are the most dynamically developing Vedic Astrology project in the world! Here you will find all the necessary tools for both ordinary astrological practice, as well as for coaching and doing research.

Start studying this ancient Vedic Knowledge with us!

JMC Calculator

This is the heart of our project. The very first section of the site, the main goal of which is the calculation of natal charts, rectification, chart management, compatability calculation (synastry). The software has a number of unique functions, such as Sade Sati calculation, viewing life events in parallel using several dasha systems, yoga calculation as they are given «300 combinations of plant protection» by B.V. Raman and more. You can get more information about the full list of the software features, as well as choose the appropriate subscription tier here.

JMC Calendar

Jyotish astrology has such branches as muhurta and gochara, and this section is completely devoted to them. Selection of muhurta by type of activity, calculation of a favorable moment in time in quantitative terms, graph of auspiciousness — all this can be found here. You can find any transit of interest, whether it is Sade Sati or another important transit, on a special page with a search engine that is truly unique. The most recent and highlight of this section is the ability to keep a Jyotish diary, which integrates all the most necessary tools for finding muhurta.

JMC Databank

Jyotish is unthinkable without research. The analysis of statistical data and pattern search in natal charts of those who were born with similar positions of the planets is what modern astrologers are busy with nowadays. The databank of horoscopes in our project not only provides one of the largest databases of horoscopes, but also provides the possibility of parametric search (for example, you can find everyone who has the Sun in exaltation, while Venus is in the 1st house, and the Moon is in Rohini nakshatra; or, for example, all those who have Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter, and the 10th house has more than 40 bindus). Search is also possible by characteristics: for example, you can easily find all swimmers, boxers, artists, musicians and people of any profession. Our databank is divided by data source type: Rodden database and our own database, which, in addition to the above properties, also stores life events and horoscope interpretation from famous astrologers.

JMC Digest

News of our project, articles on astrology, examples of rectification of horoscopes, test reports — all this can be found in our digest. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our project news. If you love astrology and have some talent, join us.

JMC Forum

Forum of astrologers — this is the place of our communication and exchange of experience. Since December 2015, our forum has been actively developing, and our forum users have already helped thousands of people in interpreting both their own natal chart and the charts of their relatives. Among the many subsections of our forum, you will find topics devoted to various aspects of astrology: from discussions «Is everything predetermined or not?» to specific questions of Nadi's astrology.

JMC Library

The world's largest open online Jyotish library. Classical treatises and modern textbooks both in Russian and in English — all of this makes up the knowledge base of our project. You can add to favorites, as well as contribute if you have a book that is not on the project yet. In addition, in this section you will find dictionary of Sanskrit terms.

JMC School

Online school for the study of Vedic astrology, built on a unique teaching methodology, which is followed by many educational institutions around the world. The educational process takes place according to the scheme «Lecture → Homework → Analysis of errors / Discussion on the forum → Testing work (quizzes, term papers) → Exam». Both students and teachers can become members of the JMC School. Join us!

JMC Chat

A unique chatbot SIVA (Super Intelligence of Vedic Astrology), which will help you build a horoscope, make additional calculations for your horoscopes (find strong and weak planets, tell you about your talents and career guidance, and much more), and also tell you how favorable the moment is for your chosen endeavor.
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