Published: 3 June 2023
Signed up 4 y 4 m 17 d ago
Dear friends, for several years to date I have been using the mobile version of the software which you can find on

This software literally is game-changer. It is very convenient when you always have an assistant like J108 software at hand who will accurately calculate and draw up a person’s birth chart. Here I want to put an stress on the functionality which calculates the auspiciousness of any moment, which is very hellpful when making a decision to start a business, set off for travelling or signing an important document! The software has user-friendly interface, all important things about a given horoscope are placed on the first page! The chart can be viewed in either North (diamond) or South style, whichever you are more used to.

Another good thing to mention here, is that the software is constantly being improved. One can even ask the tech team to develop a certain feature, which is not yet there. However, most of the popular astrologer tools are already implemented and are easily accessed. I strongly believe the software is convenient for both professional astrologers and amateurs. Here you can find the Nakshatra of the Moon, the Nakshatras of all the planets in the chart, the characteristics of the lunar day that one was born, the planetary period one is currently living, as well as all other periods: not just Vimshottari dasa, but also Narayana dasa, Yogini dasa, Chara dasa and several more!

Overall, this software mathes my needs 100%. Everyone who works with Jyotish and uses sidereal system should take this one into account as an awesome alternative to desktop astrological programs.
Published: 3 June 2023
Signed up 9 y 1 m 5 d ago
Namaste! I have been a constant user of the software since 2015. At that time it was a small web site with the minimum functionality, it suited the needs for beginners and middle level sstrologers. Time passed and the software as well as the whole project, through the efforts of the passionate team, grew into something more, namely into a serious project, I would say on the best you can ever find in the Web.

Now in J108 there is a huge number of opportunities for astrologers with any level. I have not yet seen in any other software the functionality that is here. It's worth mentioning that the software has lots of built-in interprations like descriptions of Nakshatras and all thisis available in just one or two clicks, without taking your eyes off the chart.

The software shows the strength of the planets (bala), the periods of the Planets (dasas), aspects of the planets and signs (drishti), upagrahas, special lagnas, divisional charts, rectification tools (which is an amazing and rare feature) and hundreds more various things which are necessary for astrologers.

The interface is intuitive and easy to get used to. Highly recommend!
Published: 3 June 2023
Signed up 2 y 6 m 24 d ago
I have been studying Vedic astrology for a long time and have been consulting on astrology for several years. I love the software very much and use it for astrological calculations on my day-to-day basis. is simple, straigh-forward and untuitive for both beginners and experienced astrologers. JMC Calculator is a unique software for those who studies Vedic or Indian astorlogy. Here one can find the largest collection of horoscopes in the world, which is especially interesting for me - there is something to work on and think about.

Jyotish Maha Charts provides a number of astrological services for Jyotish astrologers of all levels: calculate a horoscope, get an interpretation, choose muhurta (auspicious moment to start business), rectify the time of birth.

I want to express my gratitude towards J108 team for the interpretations regarding the results given by the lord of the year in the varshaphala chart. To see them, you need to click on the name of the graha-ruler of the annual chart. Besides that, interpretations of the positions of the planets in houses and signs, a description of the Nakshatras are so useful.

Another thing which is truly amazing about this project is that the software is constantly being improved, new features appear almost every week. The interface is very clear and easy to navigate. This is one of my favorite web sites that helps me in my life and consultations!!!

And the last, but not the least: before paying for a subscription, there is an opportunity to try the software. When I was about to join, trying the demo mode helped me to make up my mind.

Many thanks for your work!
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