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# Feature No subscription Amber subscription Emerald subscription
JMC Calculator
1 Number of horoscope calculations Limited Unlimited Unlimited
2 Horoscope collection management Viewing only Storage (200 charts +), search, import, export Storage (200 charts +), search, import, export
3 «When Lagna changes Rasi?» feature No Yes Yes
4 Research feature (parametric horoscope search in private collection and in JMC Databank) No No Yes
5 Viewing and downloading interpretations No Only viewing + downloading in PDF file
6 Ashtakuta calculation (synastry) No Yes Yes
7 Varsha Pravesha calculation (Varshaphala, solar return horoscope) No Yes, except Tri-Pataki chakra Yes
8 Tithi Pravesha calculation (luna-solar return horoscope) No Yes Yes
9 Prasna calculation (horary horoscope) No Yes Yes
10 Information and chart table Lagna + 9 Grahas + Arudhas + special Lagnas, Maandi/Gulika, Beeja/Kshetra sphutas, Bhrigu Bindu All bodies
11 Yogas «300 important combinations» by B.V. Raman + Tajaka yogas + yogas from «Garga Hora» and bhava yogas All yogas
12 Bala Ashtakavarga Bala only + Vaiseshikamsa Bala and Vimshopaka Bala All Bala
13 Ashtakavarga Only Sarvashtaka and Bhinnashtaka + BAV tables and kakshya + shodhya pinda
14 Vargas Vargas up to D-12 only + vargas up to D-60 All vargas
15 Chakras No Bhava Chalit and Jaimini only All chakras
16 Avasthas Avasthas by age only + avasthas by mood and by degree of awakening All avasthas
17 Sade Sati calculation No Yes Yes
18 Rectification techniques No Informal techniques only All techniques (formal + informal)
19 Dasa systems Vimsottari Dasa only + Yogini Dasa, Narayana Dasa and Chara Dasa (K.N. Rao) All Dasa systems
20 Dasa depth calculation Mahadasas only + antardasas and pratyantardasas + sukshmadasas
21 Simultaneous viewing of several dasas with overlapping events No No Yes
JMC Calendar
22 Gochara
What is this and how to use?
Simple overlay of current transits on a natal chart only Yes, except transsaturn planets search Yes
23 Panchanga
What is this and how to use?
Yes, except search engine. Base search Advanced search
24 Muhurta
What is this and how to use?
No Yes, expect overall auspiciousness calculation in % and activity selection Yes
Monthly subscription (30 days) Free ~ USD 2 * ~ USD 5 *
Yearly subscription (360 days) Free ~ USD 20 *
(discount 16.7%)
~ USD 50 *
(discount 16.7%)
When paying for an annual subscription - + 1 muhurta autocalculation
+ 1 rectification autocalculation
+ 3 muhurta autocalculations
+ 3 rectification autocalculations
Tier is best suited for Beginners Mid-level astrologers Professional astrologers
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List of JMC Calculator most popular features

  • Calculation of the positions of ten visible celestial objects of the solar system (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and two lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) accurate to the second of the arc.
  • Objects of essential astrology: transsaturn planets, fictitious planets, comets, Lilith (Black Moon), Selene (White Moon).
  • Calculation of upagrahas: Mandi, Gulika, Kala, Mrityu, Artha-prahara, Yama-ghantaka and other mathematical points of the horoscope.
  • Horoscope visualization in both south and north (diamond) styles.
  • Parasara and Jaimini Raja yoga calculation, yogadas, arudhas, rasi and graha drishti highlighting.
  • Argala display.
  • In addition to the Rashi chakra, 23 divisional charts are also available: hora, drekkana, chaturtamsa, panchamsa, saptamsa, sashtamsa, saptamsa, ashtamsa, navamsa, dashamsa, rudramsa, dvadashamsa, shodashamsa, vimshamsa, siddhamsa, nakshatramsa, trimshamshamsa, akshamshamsa, akshamshamsa, trimshamshamsa navanavasa, astottaramsa and nadiamsa.
  • Chakras: Sarvatobhadra, Kalachakra, Surya Kalanala, Chandra Kalanala, Tri-Pataki, Koorma, Shoola, Sani, Dimbha, Sudarsana, Paddhati (Bhrigu).
  • Chandra Lagna, Rasi Tulya Navamsa, Navamsa Tulya Rasi chakras.
  • Nine dasa systems: Vimshottari dasa, Yogini dasa, Narayana dasa, Chara dasa (according to K.N. Rao), Ashtottari dasa, Lagna Kendradi Rasi dasa, Sri Lagna-Kendradi Rasi dasa (Sudasha), Shoola dasa, Navamsa dasa (according to S. Rath or according to S. Malhotra) and their parallel viewing in the calendar mode.
  • Calculation of malicious drekkanas (16, 22) and navamsas (36, 55, 64, 72, 81, 88, 96).
  • Calculation of the specific graha position and state: gandanta, mrityu-bhaga, pushkara-bhaga, pushkara-navamsa, combustion, planetary war (graha yuddha).
  • Calculation of Navatara with current transits information.
  • Calculation of special lagnas: Hora lagna, Bhava lagna, Ghati lagna, Sri lagna, Varnada lagna, Indu lagna, as well as Pranapada lagna, Kunda and Bhrigu Bindu.
  • Calculation of bhava-arudhas with four different methods: according to K.N. Rao, according to S. Rath, according to I. Rangacharya, according to Sri Jyotish Acubens.
  • Ashtakavarga calculation: sarvashtakavarga and bhinna ashtakavarga for each planet and lagna, detailed BAV tables, kakshya, shodhana (ashtakavarga reduction), graha pinda, rasi pinda, shodhya pinda.
  • Calculation of the strength of the planets: Shadbala, Vaisesikamsa-bala and Vimshokapa-bala.
  • Calculation of avasthas: by age, by mood, by degree of awakening and by type of activity, lajjitadi avasthas.
  • Sade-Sati calculation.
  • Calculation of yogas, including those from the book «300 Most Important Combinations» by B.V. Raman and «Garga Hora».
  • Calculation of transits with a natal chart overlaying.
  • Sahamas calculation.
  • Calculation of Vedic and sidereal time.
  • The ability to export horoscopes: via file download or print out.
  • The ability to calculate divisional charts in several variations.
  • The ability to calculate when the lagna will change (both in Rasi and divisional charts), and quickly rebuild the horoscope for the updated time.
  • The ability to share links to horoscopes and, if required, make them anonymous (hide the name).
  • Ability to add life events (only for saved charts). Saved events are graphically displayed in Dasas and in a calendar mode (tab «Dasas» → «Calendar»).
  • Ashtakuta calculation (synastry, partner compatibility).
  • Varsha Pravesha (Varshaphala, solar return chart), Tithi Pravesha (luni-solar return chart), Maasa prevesha, tajaka bala, mudda dasha and tajaka yogas.
  • Prasna calculation (horary chart) with integrated interpretations from «Prasna Tantra» and other classic Jyotish books. *
  • More than 400 horoscope samples. Some of them — with interpretation from famous astrologers. *

* Texts are available in Russian language only.

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