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Louis Pasteur. Microbilogy combinations in Jyotish

Microbiology is a science of two major fields: biology and bacteriology. In Vedic astrology Jupiter is a significator for the biology studies whereas bacteriology is ruled by Ketu. Let's see how everything gets together to produce a great scientist. In this article we will go through the horoscope of Louis Pasteur a French chemist and microbiologist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization.

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12th house in the horoscope is responsible for freedom or its deprivation

Each of the twelve zodiacal signs is generated by one of the Adityas, where the last of the signs, Pisces, corresponds to the Aditya of Vishnu. Since the Lord is unlimited and in essence is the entirety of the world, beyond the limits of understanding and perception by our senses. He will be at the highest point of manifestation of Moksha-Trikona and will either grant freedom or deprive it.

If the Lagna lord is located in the 12th house, personal freedom will be very important for a person and he will strive to go beyond the limits of the familiar world. In the best sense of it, such a position can make a person spiritual and give an inclanation for meditation. In the worst case — to make a person run away through life, for example, from problems, from responsibility, etc.

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Why Jupiter rules 9th and 12th house of the natural zodiac?

Jupiter in the natural zodiac rules the 9th and 12th house.

The natural zodiac is known as Kalapurusha in Sanskrit — personified time, the manifest part of God, His form, which is available to our perception and comprehension.

Everyone knows that man is created in the likeness of God. Accordingly, just as each house from Lagna in an individual horoscope shows a certain part of the body (head, mouth and neck, arms and shoulders, chest, etc.), so each sign indicates the corresponding part of the body of God.

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